Veda Samrakshanam

Sri Anna strives incessantly to protect the Vedas. He quotes the Vedas and its significance in almost every Upanyasam. Sri Anna often mentions that protection of the Vedas can be done only by protecting the Veda Brahmanas and hence ensures that they are sufficiently and constantly rewarded in kind and cash given an oppurtunity.

With Sri Anna’s guidance a trust ‘ Vaidhega Paripalana Sabha’ was established. The Sabha organises various activities to encourage Vaideekas and encourages devotees to participate in the Vedic events. Sri Anna renders Bagavatham or Ramayanam discourses every year to bless the Sabha and Vaideekas during the annual function. Sri Anna, besides steering and teaching vidyarthis in Paranur, has also blessed various disciples and guides them in running veda patasalas The prominent among them are Veda Bhavan in Hyderabad, Rig Veda Patasala in Chennai etc.

Sri Anna started Sri Bagavan Naama Bodendraswamigal Bagavatha Patasalai in 1964 on the Vijayadasami day. This is very unique and the first of its kind in the universe. Along with Vedas, Srimad Bagavatham is also taught, being one of the Prasthana Chathushtayam. The Vidyarthis are also taught Srimad Ramayana , Sri Sri Anna’s works & Kavyas. This is maintained by “Sri Krishnapremi Swamigal Baghavatha Dharmam trust” and is run solely by Sri Anna’s efforts. The patasala till date has sent out over 100+ vidyartis. Sri Sri Anna himself teaches the students not only Shastras but also inculcates the Bhagavata Dharmam way of life in each of them. Sri Sri Anna’s Shishyas emerging out of this patasalai are celebrated across the world for their knowledge and wisdom . The Sishyas practice and preach Bhagavata Dharmam way of life and spread the Premika Sampradaya through their discourses which is the easiest salvation path in Kali Yuga.

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