Gho Samrakshanam

Cows need be to protected as they are equivalent to one’s mother (Gho-Matha) She nourishes humanity in all possible ways. The Lord is pleased if cows are protected and well maintained says the Bagavatham. Another motive is to prevent cows that do not milk from being sent to slaughter houses. Above all, when the Lord is Baktha Kolahalan (i.e Gopalan) it is natural that the cows tend to be around Him. Sri Anna stresses the need for Gho Samrakshanam in several of his discourses. With Sri Anna’s blessings several ghosalas are run by his devotees across the country incl. Govindhapuram. Madurai, Brindavan are a few of them.

The cowshed at Paranur has both cows & bulls, native and hybrid varieties which are fed fodder and grains. The native ones are taken out for grazing along with their calves everyday by the caretaker. The flock of cattle walking out and & returning to the shed is a visual treat. Sri Anna visits the cattle regularly and feeds them. On the Maattu Pongal day, Sri Anna performs puja for them and the caretaker takes the decorated cattle on a procession around the village.

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