Ancient Temples-Renovations

Ancient Temples Restorations

Sri Anna’s heart lies in Archaavathara Sevai, i.e service to the temple deity. This could be any form kainkaryam right from renovation, kumbabishekam, work on the Temple car, building sannadhis, specific purpose rooms etc.

Till date, He is engaged in these kainkaryams which is evident when the devotees visit Anna with temple invitation or for consultation. He has been instrumental in renovating & performing kumbabishegams for several Divya Desams, other ancient Vishnu temples, Sivan temples and several Grama-Devatha temples too.

Some of these kainkaryams are as big as constructing temple Raja Gopurams (tower). The beauty of these kainkaryams are, Sri Anna does it without any pomp and splendor. As Sri Hariji says, “No one would ever know all the kainkaryams that Sri Anna has done (and is doing), except the Lord Himself”.

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