With Sathguru’s grace Sri Krishna Premi Swamigal sathsangh Singapore ( SKPSS ) alias Brahma Sabha Singapore has been conducting following sathsangh activities :

  • Bhajan every Saturday at one of the devotees house evening 4-7 pm or morning 9.30-12.30 .All interested devotees can join in.
  • Every  month 3 rd week of Saturday Bhajan at Public Place and we welcome kids/Adults  to participate for singing Bhajans /Keerthanaas , Reciting Slokas ,Story telling ,Discourse on Spiritual topics .
  • Mobile Users can join our whatsapp group for Singapore Sathsangh updates using this LINK

For More details contact :
Karthik ji – Muniraj Krupa ji ( Ramas

Yearly Programs :

  • Discourse on Srimad Bhagavatham / Bhaktha  Vijayam by Sri.Hariji /Vishaka Ji .
  • Discourse on Srimad Ramayanam by Sri Rangaji
  • Pracheena Samparadhya Sita Kalyanam lead by Sri.Yagya Rama anna
  • Hari Khatha By Sri.Yagya Rama Anna
  • Apart from this we have Special sathsangh on auspicious days in public and join the sathsangh when bhagavathars visit from India.
All timings are  Singapore timing ( Skype classes)

11.00 am -11.45 am
For Kids Astakam ,Srisri anna’s Bhajan , Namavalli , Abhang
Srinath ji (
10.30 am -11.30 am
Srimad Bhagavatham Stuthi , Songs on Srisri anna & Sri sri anna’s sathakam
Mythily rajaraman  ji (
7.00pm-7.50 pm 
Vaishnava Samithai  , Chanting and meaning in english
Raghavan ji (
Srimad Bhagavtham Chanting and meaning in english
Raghavan ji (
Every month 3 rd or 4 th Sunday
5.00-6.00 pm
Srisri anna’s Astakam with meaning , Namavalli
Raghavan ji (
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