Sri Anna has composed over 10,000 kritis / songs in various languages and all of them are a spontaneous outflow of his experience. These are in various languages and are set in myriad ragas and thalas. The पदःप्रयोगः are both symbolic of the highest devotion to the Lord, rich in meaning and yet easy to follow and sung by all. Bagavathaas has experienced Saint Tyagaraja in Sri Anna’s Ragava Shatakam verses, Saint Narayana Teertha in Govindha Shatakam & the Alwars in Keerthanavali. Sri Anna’s style is simplicity and revealed in his compositions too for every common man to taste the nectar.

RaghavaShatakamIt’s the quintessence of Ramayana elucidated in sweet simple language
Radhika Shatakam100 songs on Sri Radha , her bhakthi and her divine love that binds her to Sri Krishna
GovindhaShatakam100 songs based on the birth, life, leelas, teachings and the divine life of Sri Krishna
Yugala ShatakamOutstanding 100 songs that is replete with an intense soul-stirring love of Radha& Krishna. It can be treated as a modern treatise on the shringara rasa
Radha-MadhavaShatakamThese 100 songs also expound the divine union of Sri Krishna and Radha
TheerthaShatakamAbout various deities, holy places, saints and holy rivers (Theerthas)
Sri Ranga ShatakamOn Lord Ranganatha ‘s vaibhavam. It includes the Kshetra Mahatmiyam, the Acharyans/ Alwars who contributed to the splendour of Srirangam
Keerthanavali150 songs is a mini encyclopedia for a Vaishnava. The 108 Divyadesams deities are the focus in this master piece.Each Divyadesamhas a Mangalasasnamwith a minimum of 2 songs. The songs follow a very lucid pattern
Abhanga MutharamAbhangs in Marathi on Lord Panduranga
Nithyotsava padhathiSongs for daily aradhana in praise of Sri Bhakta Kolahalan, for the Ashtayama Seva right from Suprabhatham until Dolotsavam- Nithyotsava Padhadhi
Folk SongsFolk songs based on Krishna leela and Ramayana called the “???????????” and “????????????”
Sri GodhaPrabhandamSri Sri Anadal’s equivalent of Thirupapavai as “Sri GodhaPrabhandam”
Gita MaalaPeriyaalwars equivalent of Pallandu
Kannada Kirtanas10 sweet songs on Chellapillai (the deity of Melukotte) in Kannada
Shiva KirtanasSongs in praise of Bakthapureeshwarar
Dwadasa KeerthanaahaTwelve songs for each of the Nama from Keshava to Damodhara.
Geethavali110 Composition on various saints including Sri Anna's association with Sri Bhagavannama Bodendral, importance of reciting Bhagavan nama, advise on Bhakti, Gnananm & Vairagyam
Sandesha Geetham (a) Mahishi GeethamSongs depicting the consorts' pang of seperation from Sri Krishna as envisaged in Srimad Bhagavatham
MangalasasanamSongs bringing out the experince each of Periyalwar's Thirupallandu.
Vijaya PanchakamFive songs in "Thodaya mangalam" style inviting Sri Ranganathar
Kolahala Brindavana BhajanaiSongs on Kolahalan in simple lucid tamil for Deepa-pradhakshinam
Vaishnava Samhitha KeerthanangalSongs on Saints bringing out their divine qualities as described in Vaishnava Samhitha