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The SKP Trust was formed in the year 1990 with the sole object of spreading Krishna bakthi and Premika Sampradayam through SRI SRI Anna’s Upanyasams. Sri Sri Dr. G.K. Menon, the first trustee took enormous efforts in recording Sri Sri Anna’s Upanyasams in live programmes by visiting various places in the country along with Sri Sri Anna, in the cassette form, which later got transferred to Audio CDs and MP3 format. The devotees who supported this effort, which grew in numbers over the period have expressed their desire that the trust should take Sri Sri Anna’s vani all over the world without any limits. So the trustees have now embarked on an effort to list Sri Sri Anna’s upanyasams in a website which can be accessed by devotees all over the world.

The trust carries out the following activities, besides the following:

  • Supporting poor feeding
  • Maintenance of Gosala
  • Supporting Paranur function in Annadhanam
  • Spreading Premika Sampradhayam message through upanyasams
  • Supporting Vedapadasala etc.

We appeal to all devotees to donate their might. The donees will be given Sri Sri Anna’s upanyasams accordingly. The details can be seen in other pages.